How to Dress Your Baby for the Easter

During the spring months leading up to the Easter celebration, if your family celebrates Easter and you have small kids, then you have to start thinking of the Easter outfits for your kids. During the Easter weekend, you will have to go to church and maybe some easter parties like easter egg hunt garden party. Depending on the invitation, most Easter celebrations require a fresh, polished appearance with pastels, bright colors and clean silhouettes from head to toe. While you are thinking of what to dress your kids in, remember that you have to think of yourself and the whole family as well. For women, this means a dress or skirt that hits at the knee or lower, paired with unscuffed, polished shoes. Some fun options include flats with a floral motif or a low heel in spring shades of blue, pink or green. For men, think button-downs or polos, paired with khakis or dress pants, but never jeans. Wear your best dress shoes, and make sure they’re freshly polished.

Depending on the weather, geography, formality of the invitation and occasion, open-toe shoes may not be appropriate. If there is snow on the ground, it’s raining or the event is occurring in a cold climate, closed-toe shoes, ankle boots, and other boots are appropriate. It can be tricky to dress little ones appropriately. Nevertheless, ensure that their ensemble is event-appropriate, in fresh pastel tones or floral prints that are washable. To make laundry day less of a hassle, consider easy-care fabrics such as cotton to help any stains come out. The same idea applies to shoes: footwear with satin, silk, crystals or other easily damaged fabric and embellishments can be saved for strictly indoor events. Choose Wellies, rubber boots, Sperry Top-Siders or other outdoor shoes that can be easily cleaned before the kids come back inside.

Below are some clothes and accessories that fit well with the Easter theme.

Metallic Baby Shoes

Metallic has become more and more popular and they go well with the easter color theme. Metallics are a great way to bring a festive edge to your Easter dinner. A silver or gold dress with some gladiator sandals or metallic baby shoes will help them feel ready to celebrate. These sandals also offer great support for running around with family and friends.

Romantic Lace

You can never go wrong with lace for easter. Lately, romantic lace has become more and more popular in the market. Easter is the perfect opportunity to add a touch of lace, tulle or appliqué to decorate a neutral dress. Pair a gray or blush-colored dress with some cute accessories, like headbands and sparkly shoes, to complete the sweet-as-sugar look.

Citrus Colors:

For a refreshing look, add a taste of citrus to your Easter family photos. Colors like lemon yellow and lime green are a perfect way to accent plaid or tweed fabrics. Even a lime green Hat will definitely make your kids stand out. If you want to match your outfit with your kid’s outfit or the entire family, adding a touch of a citrus color which is quite bright and hard to miss definitely ties the different outfits together.

West Coast Themed:

If you don’t live on the west coast, Easter is definitely a good time to dress like you do. The California pool vibe and spring colors will make your kid stand out. Try adding some animal-print clothing to your Easter outfit and dressing it up with a button-down shirt and suspenders. For girls, try a bohemian-styled dress with a high-low skirt and comfortable shoes.

How to Get Your Kids…

Excited for Easter Sunday Best

It will be of no use if you spend time putting together an Easter outfit for your kids and then your little toddlers refuse to wear them. These steps below will help you get your kids excited about Easter

To Pick Out an Outfit

Make buying an Easter outfit an event. They don’t have to pick out the entire outfit if they’re still challenged by coordination. You can let kids choose something as substantial as a garment or as tiny as an accessory they love. If they have a favorite costume to wear, consider a tiny piece of jewelry to represent that costume instead or try to incorporate it into their outfit. This should get them excited.

To See Everything New

Imagine how much fun it will be if everything your child is wearing is new. Get them dressed head to toe in new clothing, undergarments and all. It’s a great way to emphasize the meaning of the holiday while also making it exciting for kids. Plus, it’ll be a great reminder to replenish any undergarments. Of course, if you have budget constraints it is not a ust. Also, don’t spoil our kids with making them think it has to be new for it to be special.

To be Surprised

For those kids whose fashion sense hasn’t developed yet or if you’re looking to stay on a strict budget, consider making their outfit a surprise. You can make it part of the egg hunt on Easter morning. This works for other holidays as well

To Match Outfits or Accessories

If your children are still in those sweet years of wanting to be just like mommy and daddy, consider buying a little necklace, bracelet or tie clip for you and your mini you. This way, you and your child can have a matching piece without it being so obvious.

To Disguise Everyday Clothes

Sometimes the only way to win is to give in. Instead of a typical undershirt under a button-down, give them a fun shirt instead. Sports fans would love new baseball shirts, or you can find something with their favorite characters or TV show. If it’s an outfit they wear everyday they will be more inclined to wear it and then you can make it special by elevating it a little or adding an Easter themed accessories.